Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Today in the Sobel Timeline: September 16

On September 16, 1881, Chief-of-State-designate Benito Hermión appeared before the Mexican Senate to seek confirmation of the Cabinet's decision the previous day to indefinitely postpone the presidential election, create the office of Chief of State, and appoint Hermión himself to fill it. The Liberty Party caucus immediately protested, with Homer Sheridan of Arizona calling the business "cynical and contrary to law," and Minority Leader Thomas Rogers denouncing Hermión as "a man of great ambition but little character." A confirmation vote was postponed until the next day.

On September 16, 1939, Chancellor Karl Bruning of the Germanic Confederation called a council meeting at which it was decided to send military aid to the faltering Arab Revolt. Elements of the German air arm would travel to the Middle East to "buttress the Arab position."