Thursday, September 11, 2014

Today in the Sobel Timeline: September 11

On September 11, 1845, North American Governor-General Winfield Scott called a special Cabinet meeting to review a message he had received from newly-elected Mexican President Pedro Hermión. Hermión said that he intended to continue the attempt to find a diplomatic resolution to the crisis between the two nations "in the spirit of my predecessor." Scott believed that Hermión was sincere, and he was preparing to ask the Cabinet to reconsider its declaration of war when Minister of War Henry Gilpin's aide, Captain Nathan Rusher, entered the room with news of the fighting that had occurred seven days earlier. Sobel does not specifically say how Scott and the Cabinet reacted to these contradictory indications, but he does suggest that the two countries went to war without a formal declaration.

On September 11, 1937, Spanish Premier Aldo Figuroa ordered the delegates to Owen Galloway's peace conference expelled from the country after clashes between rival delegations led to rioting in Madrid.

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