Saturday, April 18, 2009

Harl Vincent bibliography, 1938 - 1969

As part of my effort to single-handedly revive interest in pioneering science fiction writer Harl Vincent, I'll be posting a bibliography of all of Vincent's published works, as culled from the Internet Speculative Fiction Database and other online sources. Today I'll be listing his works from 1938 to 1969 based on order of original publication. List of works from 1928 to 1930 can be found here, 1931 to 1932 here, and 1933 to 1935 here.


"Return of the Prowler" (sequel to "Prowler of the Wastelands")
Astounding Science-Fiction, November 1938

"Prince Deru Returns"
Amazing Stories, December 1938


Marvel Science Stories, April-May 1939

"The Devil Flower"
Fantastic Adventures, May 1939

"The Morons"
Astounding Science-Fiction, June 1939

"Mystery of the Collapsing Skyscrapers"
Amazing Stories, August 1939

"Lightning Strikes Once"
Marvel Science Stories, August 1939

"Power Plant"
Astounding Science-Fiction, November 1939


"Neutral Vessel"
Astounding Science-Fiction, January 1940
Johnny Pez blog, August 14 - 18, 2009

"High-Frequency War"
Astounding Science-Fiction, February 1940
Johnny Pez blog, March 11 - 13, 2009

"Undersea Prisoner"
Amazing Stories, February 1940
Science Fiction Adventure Classics, Spring 1971

"Gravity Island"
Super Science Stories, March 1940

"Master Control"
Astonishing Stories, April 1940
Johnny Pez Blog, January 9 - 13, 2010

"Deputy Correspondent"
Astounding Science-Fiction, June 1940

"Life Inside a Wall"
Science Fiction Quarterly, Summer 1940
Yankee Science Fiction, June 1941
The Moon Conquerers; Swan, 1943

"Trouble Shooter"
Super Science Stories, July 1940

"Other World"
Astonishing Stories, October 1940


"Grave of the Achilles"
Captain Future, Winter 1941

"Lunar Station"
Comet Stories, January 1941

"Crime by Chart"
Exciting Detective, March 1941
Fiction Quarterly (Canada), Spring 1942


"Voice From the Void"
Amazing Stories, June 1942
Science Fiction Adventure Classics, May 1972


The Doomsday Planet, Tower Books, 1966


If, September 1967


"The Lethal Planetoid"
Spaceway, January 1969

"Space Storm"
Famous Science Fiction, Spring 1969

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