Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An important message for Richard Mellon Scaife

Brad, one of the long-suffering smartasses at Sadly, No! brings word of this plea from RedState founder managing editor Erick "as seen in Newsweek" Erickson for the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy to start spending some of their ad dollars on right-wing blogs like, well, RedState. For those of you arriving late to the party, RedState was founded in 2004 to be the conservatives' answer to the Daily Kos. You can tell how well they're doing by the fact that dKos' Wikipedia article notes in its third paragraph that the site averages 800,000 visits a day, while RedState's much shorter article makes no mention of its daily traffic.

Still, Erick actually raises an interesting point. Say you’re Richard Mellon Scaife, and you’re trying to prop up a failed ideology. Who do you dole out your cash to? Fox News and its sexagenarian demographic? Townhall and its endless ranks of George Will wannabees? No, you want the blogger with the tiny (but still large by wingnut standards) audience of cheeto-huffing basement dwellers. He’s the Wingnut of the Future because he’s hep to all that high-tech computer stuff. He’s the man standing athwart the internet yelling “Socialism!”

Give your money to Erick, Mr. Scaife! It’s the only way to rescue conservatism!

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