Friday, April 24, 2009

Michael Steele Deathwatch

Way back in the heady days of February, when Jim Tedisco had a twelve point lead in the polls, several Republicans claimed that the special election in New York state's twentieth congressional district was going to be a referendum on Barack Obama. There was even some talk about how if Tedisco lost the race, the Republican National Committee would meet in a special session to vote Chairman Michael Steele out.


Twenty-four days after the election, Jim Tedisco has finally conceded. Democrat Scott Murphy is going to be serving out the rest of Kirsten Gillibrand's term in the House of Representatives. The referendum on Barack Obama has come and gone, and Obama passed.

And Michael Steele? Well, he just oversaw a Republican loss in a district where Republicans outnumber Democrats by a 70,000 voter margin. If his numerous enemies within the GOP hierarchy are determined to take him down, the loss of this race is just the excuse they need. So how long does Steele have? Six months? Six weeks? Six days?

Stay tuned as we here at the Johnny Pez blog maintain the Michael Steele Deathwatch.

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