Thursday, November 5, 2009

All your award are belong to us

The Weblog Awards are an annual blog popularity contest that various fans of various blogs try to game in various ways. This year, I have chosen to enter the Johnny Pez blog, though which category it ought to be in is a problem, given its current triune specialization in liberal politics, alternate history, and old science fiction stories by a particular writer.

The solution is to simply place it among other blogs in its weight class, which in Weblog Award terms means Technorati Authority. Much to my surprise, I discovered that this blog currently has an Authority of 129, which is about 128 higher than I thought it would. This places it in the Weblog Awards' "Small Blog" category, which includes Authorities between 101 and 200, so I have taken it upon myself to nominate the blog for Best Small Blog. If you'd like to see this blog take its rightful place as a giant among Small Blogs, click on that link in the last sentence and then click on the green plus sign.

And while you're messing with all these awards, go ahead and give the Rumproast blog some clicky love too in the Best Very Large Blog, Best Humor Blog, and Best Online Community categories. Kevin and the gang deserve it.


Anonymous said...

You've got my vote!

Johnny Pez said...

Thanks! You are now on my blogroll!