Thursday, November 19, 2009

The liberal media conspiracy exposed!

Commenter kay at Balloon Juice inadvertently exposes the truth.

In a post called Once More, With Feeling, blogmeister John Cole notes Doug Hoffman's recent assertion that ACORN stole the NY-23 special election. In the comments, sloan states:

I’m surprised it took him this long to play the ACORN card. Hoffman also “unconceded” on the Glenn Beck show. It looks like he wants to pull a Norm Coleman but he might have blown it by being honest on election night and admitting that he lost.


(In other news, a certain former half-term Governor of Alaska is touring America bragging about the “conservative victory” in NY-23. Takes notes Mr Hoffman, this is how they do it in the big leagues.)

This in turn inspired kay to speculate:

This new approach is going to destroy conservative’s incentive to win. Losing really works out better. The money’s good, there’s no real responsibility or accountability, and they get more press than the winner.

I haven’t heard a word out of Bill Owens, and Sarah Palin is on television far more than Joe Biden.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the ugly truth exposed at last. This is the real reason for the nonstop coverage of the Sarah Palin book tour by the liberal media: they're secretly trying to encourage conservative candidates to throw elections so they can get lucrative book deals just like ex-Governor Palin.

There's only one way to bring this foul deception to a halt: don't buy Sarah Palin's book! Don't show up at her book tour! Make it clear to conservative politicians that LOSING IS A BAD THING! LOSING IS BAD!

People, the future of America rests in your hands wallets! Keep America free! Don't buy books from losers!

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